Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus larger than Pentagon, Empire State Building

Apple’s plans for a massive new campus in Cupertino, Calif., call for a giant structure that’s larger than the U.S. Pentagon and New York City’s fabled Empire State Building.

The iPhone maker’s proposed facility, dubbed a “spaceship” because of its circular design, was put to scale on Tuesday by Mac Observer. The details were made available last week, when the City of Cupertino provided more information about Apple’s 2.8 million square-foot circular office building.

The diameter of Apple’s new campus would be 1,615 feet, which would span farther than the Pentagon’s diameter of 1,566 feet. The distance across the massive circle is also greater than the height of the Empire State Building, at 1,250 feet.

In a comparison graphic, other objects were laid over the plans for Apple’s campus to provide perspective. It shows the facility with a cruise ship, U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier, a blimp, a World War II battleship, and a supertanker laid over them.

via Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus larger than Pentagon, Empire State Building.

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