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2 Responses to Radium

  1. alfy says:

    Oh dear! The reason why Marie Curie’s husband Pierre died young was nothing to do with radiation. He was killed in a road accident outside his laboratory. Rushing into the road he was knocked over by a horse-drawn cart and his skull was smashed under the iron-shod wheels. A great tragedy for Marie who was left to bring up her two girls on her own, while still working as a researcher.
    Pierre was a brilliant young man and a great loss to radiation chemistry. Marie is justifiably seen as a most admirable woman whose scientific achievements were made against the background of this appalling loss.
    A very muddled lecturette where the hand-waving of your man failed to cover up the fact that he was not thinking carefully before he tried to explain the effects of radiation on cells. The Nottingham boyo would have made a much better job of it.

  2. Deskarati says:

    That might me true Alfy, but he does look a bit like Einstein.

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