Automatic shifting for e-bikes

Fallbrook Technologies has announced it’s latest incarnation of their ‘transmission for bicycles’ technology – the NuVinci Harmony – which is an auto-shifting version of the N360 aimed specifically at e-bikes.

The Harmony, which is intended for use with 12-48 volt e-bike systems, automatically adjusts the drive ratio in order to maintain the cyclist’s preferred pedalling cadence. If you’re going up a hill, for instance, it will shift into a lower ratio, so that it’s no more difficult to turn the pedals than it was on the flats.

There are two handlebar-mounted controllers available for the system. The Base Controller simply allows riders to chose between three speeds of automatically-maintained cadence, with the push of a button. These will be preset by the e-bike manufacturer itself, as dictated by the gearing and other parameters of the bike. Typically, however, the cadence choices would consist of fast, medium and slow.

Edited from NuVinci Harmony brings automatic shifting to e-bikes.

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