Edge Walk

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3 Responses to Edge Walk

  1. Daniel says:

    Truly horrendous.

  2. alfy says:

    It just doesn’t compare with the El Camino Real walk. The guy in that clip had no safety harness, and the footway was badly maintained and falling away. I marvelled at his sure-footedness in negotiating a set of metal frames covered in crumbling concrete. It is not the actual height (ECR was only about 500-600 feet above ground) but the hazardous nature of the walk that put it in a different league from the Canadian experience. Any fit person could contemplate the Canadian walk, but the ECR was so dangerous that most people would not entertain it.

  3. Deskarati says:

    I think you might be right Alfy. If you were forced to pick one or the other I think you’de have to pick the CN Tower, just because you strapped on.

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