The amazing jumping carp

These Silver Asian Carp are so startled by the engine noise of the boat it causes them to jump out of the water. Who needs a fishing rod? – Deskarati

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2 Responses to The amazing jumping carp

  1. alfy says:

    My response to this clip is “Does the local RSPCA know about this?” The adults in the incident seem to me grossly irresponsible. Had this been a herd of zebra or wildebeest stampeding across the African plains at the approach of a heavy helicopter might we have responded differently? Were any of the fish injured as a result of the ridiculous behaviour of the adults? The most damning aspect was the failure of any of the men to help the fish floundering in the boat within a few feet of them. They set an appalling example to the impressionable boys with them. The message seems to be, “The world of nature is here to be exploited, and even harmed and damaged in the name of fun, if that is what you feel like doing.”

    I have never been sentimental about animals, and in the past have killed them without compunction if this was necessary; I am a meat-eater and I accept the validity of animal experimentation in research, but this kind of behaviour is, to me, wholly unacceptable to thoughtful people.

  2. Deskarati says:

    I’m sorry to have upset your commendable feelings on animal welfare, Alfy. I have to confess as a boy I used to stand on a small jetty on the river Ouse and jump up and down which had the same effect on the small sticklebacks. They all jumped out of the water at the same time. Much amusement for a young lad.

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