Lagomorph wood-framed bike now available for special order

When established furniture maker Seth Deysach was invited to be part of the Object Society design show in June last year, he decided to create something special for the occasion that combined two of his passions – creating things in wood and cycling. The single-speed, one size Lagomorph bike boasts strong, elegant lines and an impressive catalog of high quality components. Now the designer is taking special orders for the wooden-framed bike, with custom options available on request.

For a good many years Deysach quenched his thirst for all things bike-related by working in bike shops – first at weekends and then full-time. Looking for a change of pace, he then ventured into furniture manufacture but his love for cycling was never far from the surface. When asked to contribute to the Object Society show, he decided to put both his old and his new skills to good use and build a wooden bicycle.

“Almost all wood bikes I’ve seen attempt to mimic the look and construction of a steel or carbon bike,” Deysach told Gizmag. “From a furniture makers point of view I saw only drawbacks to that.”

The frame, forks and stem of the medium-sized, 18-inch (45.72 cm) Lagomorph bike are made using lengths of American Black Walnut, which are bridal jointed and glued together and then fastened together to form the exposed joinery structure – held together “just like a chair would be.”

via Lagomorph wood-framed bike now available for special order.

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