Bike Fixtation self-service bike repair kiosk opens for business

Last year, Bicycling Magazine said that Minneapolis was the number one biking city in the U.S., and the city’s Bike Walk Twin Cities program says that four years of bicycle counts throughout the city show a 33 percent increase in the use of two-wheelers by its citizens. Anyone in need of emergency repair while on the heavily-used Midtown Greenway bicycle route can now pop into the Uptown Transit Station and take advantage of a new extended-hours, self-service bike kiosk. Users can pump some free air into tires, use the tethered tools to make repairs, or head for the vending machine to buy basic bike parts.

The brainchild of keen cyclists Chad De Baker and Alex Anderson, the Bike Fixtation kiosk is equipped with a free-to-use universal bike repair stand, bike tools and self-contained tire inflator. The bike stand is said to be of a design that prevents opportunists locking a bike to it, and features a useful set of aircraft cable-tethered bicycle repair tools.

via Bike Fixtation self-service bike repair kiosk opens for business.

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