It’s Tau Day and Pi’s Under Attack

Pi, the circle constant in mathematics, is under attack from an underground movement rounding up support for its successor, Tau.

Pi is the “irrational” infinite number you get when you divide the circumference of a circle by its diameter. It starts 3.14159265, it fits into all kinds of equations and it turns up in strange places such as the fractal geometry of the Mandelbrot Set.

Tau is the number you get when you use a circle’s radius instead. It fits neatly into equations in place of 2Pi and clears up the problem of radians, which is the way mathematicians measure angles.

U.S. physicist, educator, and entrepreneur Dr Michael Hartl, author of The Tau Manifesto, says Pi is a “confusing and unnatural choice” for the circle constant. “I find it fascinating that the absurdity of Pi was lying in plain sight for centuries before anyone seemed to notice,” he said. And as the approximate value of Tau is 6.28, twice Pi’s 3.14, the dissident mathematicians have declared today, June 28, to be Tau Day — as June 28 is written as 6.28 in American style.

“For all these years, we have been looking at the wrong number when we have been looking at Pi,” said Kevin Houston, of the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds, who is leading the British arm of the Tau campaign.

“Pi simply isn’t the most natural number that we should associate with a circle. The proper number is 2Pi, or Tau.”

Edited from On National Tau Day, Pi Under Attack

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7 Responses to It’s Tau Day and Pi’s Under Attack

  1. Phil Krause says:

    I know this sounds whacky but I actually agree with this idea as you invariably use the radius when working through problems rarely the diameter. The only trouble is that my calculator has no sign of a “Tau” button.

  2. Deskarati says:

    Think yourself lucky, mine hasn’t even got a Pi button!

  3. Geza Zake says:

    For millennia mathematicians and non-mathematicians, rational and irrational humans, men and women have attempted to discern the truth of the mystery of Pi.
    By definition, Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
    Pi doesn’t have any units such as inches or centimeters.
    We know that circumference with diameter of circle always mistake. It has many years frustrated mathematicians and geometers who deeply believe in the exactness of mathematics without residues.
    Pi is a very old . We know that the Egyptians and the Babylonians knew about the existence of the constant ratio Pi.
    The History of Science Pi has played a special role in developing technology and astronomy where objects and bodies moving in circular ways, so that created the idea of cosmic meaning of Pi.
    Pi remains the great mystery of rational knowledge.
    Here will be the first time say that Pi is information about limit which is found on the fourth level of reality.
    So, if you imagine that Pi is not a number, but that is only ratio or information on units or parts of units we have a freedom to explore Pi on a new way.
    Pi is information, not a number.
    In other words, Pi is defined with the notion of a whole such like a circle, a circle area or volume of a sphere. In biology that is notion of a whole such sa male and female, or in general what is polarity.
    Pi is outside the framework of geometry and mathematics and belong the world of universal polarity where no other number than One.
    That Pi tells us that each totality consisting of 3 units and part from 4th units and makes the whole unit of anything.
    We only have the square as dimensionless base as four square a,b,c and d in one square with a+b base.
    So far there is no number, only ostensibly four identical ABCD squares in a larger square Y. In small square, like a square D , occurs inflection of two opposite radius, and we have inflection point X. Inflection point X divides exactly fourth square into two parts D and E.
    With this division we now have three squares A,B,C, or 1,2 and 3, plus a fourth part of a square with division as universal ratio 0,142/0,858 determined by the inflection point X. These numbers have no meaning of numbers, but only the relations between the two surfaces.
    We only have 3 units and 0,142 units of the fourth units of D, and We have exactly Pi – 3.142, without having to have a circle and the radius.
    Inflection point in the fourt square is limits to boundaries appear as full circle.
    Here keep in mind that traditional Pi never associated with some geometric figures – squares, but only with a radius or diameter of a circle .
    The point X is intersection of two circles of radius r in opposite directions, and that is the border of every being as a unit, like a men, or women or like to every polar beings.
    Thus we get a completely new and so far unknown definition of Pi, which says: Pi is 3 whole squares of the fourth and 0.142 square from the fourth square what is exactly 3.142.!
    What are the implications of this interpretation of Pi to our knowledge,
    I am convinced that this is something important for the intelligence of man because it is a phenomenon of the fourth level of existence at which it occurs boundaries of each being, when it occurs Origin point of a new being.
    This is the fourth level of metamorphosis, development, or evolution, when it assumes a Pi forming limit of the being, such is circle.

  4. Phil Krause says:

    You been smoking again Geza?

  5. Geza Zake says:

    Phil you obviously smoke a pipe?

  6. Deskarati says:

    Did you know that if you place a piece of ruled paper with parallel lines 1 cm apart on a perfectly flat surface and randomly drop a needle 1cm long onto it, the probability that the needle will be lying across one of the lines is 2/Pi.

    Therefore if you had a very large piece of paper ruled 2m apart and then dropped 2m tall men and women on it you will get the same probability. Spooky!

  7. Geza Zake says:

    The difference is that you speak of Pi as a natural number 1,2.3.4 etc., while I’m talking about Pi as the border of anything and so the circle, 3,142 …… It defines the scope of the whole as 3 wholnes and ( + 0.142 ……) of the part of fourt wholnes as a fourt quadrant of the squere or circele . That menas that i put the correlations betwinn square nd circle and found that two in the fourth quadrant inverse radius cretaes the point of inflection defining Pi , as the unit of whole circle on the exact way ! But these are not only the whole circle, but it is any other entity which is in the existence. Pi is the border of the unite egsistence for everiting in the Universde or biology.

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