Deskarati Card Trick

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5 Responses to Deskarati Card Trick

  1. bill says:

    Your! Can’t you see that your should be you’re? “You are” – shortened to you’re.

  2. Steve B says:

    What pedantry is this? I thought Phil had established clearly that precision in usage was an absurd elitist nonsense. People may use whatever pronunciation or spelling suits them, without any regard for accuracy at all. Keep up with the good work, Steve.

  3. Deskarati says:

    Thanks for your support, Steve, and for adding a new word to my vocabulary – pedantry – I love it, its my new second favourite after sedentary!!

  4. alfy says:

    Somehow my comments seem to have been attached to Steve, by accident. I apologise to him, (again). Has there been some change in how the comment box works?

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