Norwegian Lundehund

The Lundehund has some amazing features that make it physically unlike any other breed. One of its more distinct characteristics is the fact that it has six toes on each foot. It also has unique shoulder and neck joints that allow it to stretch its legs out straight in both directions and to reach its forehead all the way to its back. It also can close its ear canal at will to prevent dirt and water from getting in. All of this makes the Lundehund an amazing avian hunter in its native country, as it is an agile swimmer and a great climber on near-vertical cliffs and steep crevices. The dogs were originally trained to hunt puffins, all the way back in the 1600s, but after the practice died out, the breed almost went extinct. By the 1900s, the only small population survived in the small village of Monstad.

In 1963, there were only 6 of the dogs alive and thanks to the care and effort of a few dedicated breeders, there are now at least 1500 of the dogs alive. While the animals have been carefully bred to protect their bloodline, there is still a serious problem with genetic bottlenecking in the breed. For this reason, all of the existing dogs are subject to a disease known as Lundehund gastroenteropathy that can prevent the dogs from being able to derive nutrients and protein from their food.

via Weirdest Dog Breeds

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  1. alfy says:

    What the contributor failed to mention, probably through natural delicacy, is that the Lundehund is the only dog breed capable of reflexing its head over its tail, so that it is capable of licking its bollocks from the back as well as from the front. Deskarati readers will all appreciate the evolutionary significance of this unusual skill.

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