Seagate portable storage goes wireless

Seagates GoFlex Satellite is the first portable hard drive, with integrated Wi-Fi and battery pack, that lets you stream 500 GB directly to any mobile or Wi-Fi equipped device without using any cables.

Seagate’s 500 GB drive isnt much physically larger than some of their other portable storage devices however the lithium-ion battery provides portable power that last up to 5 hours of continues video streaming and 25 hours of standby.

Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite is able to create its own wireless hotspot to stream media to any device equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. The device is capable of making three separate connections simultaneously, and can stream an HD movie over each one of those connections up to 150 feet away with no picture freeze ups.

Seagate has also developed an app for the new iPad and iPhone specifically designed for the drive. The app can buffer an entire movie in less than seven minutes, minimizing the time that the drive is actually in use and conserving the battery. Video can also be streamed to any Wi-Fi enabled device using a web browser.

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5 Responses to Seagate portable storage goes wireless

  1. Phil Krause says:

    But I need one!

  2. alfy says:

    If I got one, what would I use it for? The posting was near incomprehensible to me. I need a simple guide. “Streaming” seems to be the key word. Access ANY movie? Doesn’t it depend on whether they are actually available to you?
    Alfy P.O.B.
    P.S. Everyone else seems to have commented, so I thought I would throw in my three pennorth.

  3. Steve B says:

    Alfy, you could always use it as a paper-weight!

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