Tom Robb

Thomas David Robb (May 8th 1927 – April 8th 2011) Tom was born in North London the youngest of six children. He had two brothers, George and Jim. and three sisters Rene, Rose and Doris (Doll).

He grew up in London during the second world war at the time of the blitz and told stories of doodlebugs and shrapnel to all his children. He inlisted in the Royal Navy on the day the war ended and delighted in telling eveyone that once the Germans heard that he had joined up, they immediately surrendered. After he returned from service as an officers cook he met Lilian Bennett and fell head over heels in love, after a while they married. He worked at many varied jobs as a decorator, a builder, a painter of aircraft and so many others that there is no time to include them all.

Tom & Lilian moved to Hemel Hempstead in the early fifties and had three children, Jacki, Jim and Andy. Upon his death at the age of eighty three from a rare form of skin cancer he had three children, seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren all of whom totally adored him.

For this writer, death is that state which one only exsists in the memory of others which means that Tom Robb, the greatest father anyone could ever have had, will live on – as we, his children, will pass on his life, with our incedible  memories, forever.

A personal post by Deskarati author Jim Robb

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  1. Anonymous says:

    An incredibly lovely father-in-law who will never be forgotten. xx

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