When windmills fail!

We thought these photos might give all you eco-sceptics a bit of a giggle – Deskarati –

Here are some photos of what happens when transmission failures occur in windmills.  To date no gear oil has been invented to withstand the pressures produced within these transmissions.  Most recently, the government gave Dow-Corning a big grant to work on it.  Previously, many others had tried and failed.

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One Response to When windmills fail!

  1. alfy says:

    Not just a giggle, Jim. Highly satisfying set of images. Having thought the whole taxpayer-subsidised wind-farm industry is a snare and a delusion, which mostly benefits overseas engineering firms, it is a delight to see some of them going up in smoke.
    I have given some thought to how to sabotage these monstrosities during the hours of darkness. Use a powerful rifle with telescopic sights to shoot up the turbine. Fire a crossbow bolt carrying a line, to attach a weight to one of the rotor blades and unbalance it. Further research may follow.

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