A better kind of lightbulb?

The low energy light bulb has been a bit of a disappointment if you ask us, bad colour light, no dimming, take an age to start and don’t last half as long as advertised. Well hopefully this new bulb may actually do what it says on the tin, lets hope so – Deskarati –

This week, the lighting start-up company vu1 is beginning to ship a new type of lightbulb that could displace compact fluorescents and LED lamps as the energy-saving bulb of choice. The technology, known as cathodoluminescence or electron-stimulated luminescence (ESL), offers similar energy savings, but provides a more natural quality of light.

via Solar at Home: A better kind of lightbulb?.

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  1. alfy says:

    One of the minor by-products of my ecclesiastical activities was observing our Maintenance Team or Arbeitsgruppe, replacing all the old bulbs in the church with new super-atomic low-energy bulbs, (50 in total). Within two months 10% of them had failed. This is the kind of test that the average householder doesn’t get to make. In addition I gather, these dud bulbs continue to draw power from the mains, and also release some mercury vapour. Given these issues there is considerable concern about abandoning the old hot filament bulbs. Why is it that apparently “green” issues seem to involve screwing the public every time?

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