H2O Power radio runs on water from the shower

Well this is quite a novel idea, a hydro-electric radio for your shower. We like the concept but not sure of the necessity! – Deskarati –

For all the people out there who like listening to the radio while they’re in the shower, various companies offer waterproof battery-operated “shower radios.” There’s nothing particularly wrong with these radios, but … why change or recharge the batteries if you don’t have to? No, we’re not suggesting running a power cord into the shower. Instead, you might be interested in getting an H2O Power water-powered radio.

The H2O is intended for showers where an external hose runs from the taps up to the head, and screws into place between the taps and the hose. If your shower is the type where the taps and the head just stick out of the wall, it’s not clear whether or not the radio could be installed – presumably the shower head could be attached directly to it, although the radio controls might be hard to reach in that location.

Power is generated by the force of the running water, which flows through the otherwise-waterproof radio and spins a micro turbine inside of it. You can even keep listening to it while you’re toweling off, without leaving the shower going, as an integrated Ni-Mh rechargeable battery stores and releases excess power generated by the water.

H2O also makes devices such as calculators and clocks that are powered by the chemical reaction between water and a dash of lemon juice. Using the radio’s micro turbine technology, the company is also working on a product called the Showerindicator. The water- and power-saving device uses water pressure power to illuminate an LED light, which changes color once it’s time to get out of the shower.

A list of retailers for the radio is available on the H2O Power radio website. It’s on sale as of this month, for a suggested retail price of GBP 34.99

via H2O Power radio runs on water from the shower.

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3 Responses to H2O Power radio runs on water from the shower

  1. alfy says:

    I listen to the radio in the bath each morning. There is a device based on a miniature “Salter duck” which generates power to run a radio from the wave action of the bather gallumphing in the water, so that if the volume fades it is only necessary to bob around a bit more. Even more cutting edge is the move to run a radio from “morning farts” burned in a heat exchanger.

  2. Deskarati says:

    Well it sounds like your morning ablutions are quite musical Alfy, what with all the music, galumphing and farting!!!! (I must try and get this picture out of my mind now)

  3. Steve B says:

    I think that Phil’s policy of not reading comments might have some merit. I too am attempting to poke out my mind’s eye with a sharp stick.

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