The most remarkable Mercedes Benz F1 display

With the delay in the starting of the new F1 season, we are getting withdrawal  symptoms. So here is a little something to ease the situation – Deskarati

One of the most remarkable things weve seen in a long time is this deconstructed 2010 F1 car on display at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey, UK. The Mercedes GP Petronas F1 comprises 3200 components and every one of them is hung in the display. The display itself was arranged by Dutch artist Paul Veroude and definitely fits into the “how can you do that?” category. Its subject is equally as fascinating, accounting for 90,000 man hours of design time, 200,000 man hours of manufacturing manifested as 600 kg finished form manufactured to the most exacting tolerances of the worlds most exotic substances – carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and magnesium. To look at, the car is predominantly carbon fiber 85% by volume but its so light that it accounts for only 30% of the mass.

via The most remarkable Mercedes Benz F1 display.

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