Vettriano gives “weight” to Scottish National collection

Congratulations to Jack Vettriano, a deskarati favourite, for getting this exhibition at the Scottish NPG. We would also like to give an enlightening message to Jones of the Guardian….. ‘enlighten up’ – Deskarati

The self-taught Scottish artist Jack Vettriano is a huge hit with the public and a crop of celebrities including movie giant Jack Nicholson and the Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane. In a surprise development, Vettriano’s work will be hung in a major Scottish museum, with his self-portrait The Weight set to go on show in the newly refurbished £17.6m Scottish National Portrait Gallery this November (the work is on loan from a UK private collection). But the knives are already out. “I think his pictures are emotionally trite and technically drab, so they damage the cause of the painter. A much finer example of modern painting in Edinburgh is Richard Wright’s decorated ceiling in the Dean Gallery,” notes Jonathan Jones of The Guardian. Ouch.

via The Art Newspaper.

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