Robot marathon kicks off in Japan

‘And in the lead – it’s Robovie-PC’. Now this is real entertainment, a race of robots, just what we’ve been waiting for – Deskarat

The world’s first full-length marathon for two-legged robots kicked off in Japan on earlier today, with the toy-sized humanoids were due to run 42.195 kilometres (26 miles) over four days.

The machines began the non-stop race on a 100-metre (109-yard) indoor track in the western city of Osaka after doing knee bends or raising their hands to greet spectators.

The bipedal robots — the tallest of which measures 44 centimetres (17.6 inches) — must complete 423 laps to reach their goal.

The “Robo Mara Full” race is organised by Vstone Co., a robot technology firm based in the western industrial city, in cooperation with the Osaka prefectural government.

Competitors are allowed to change batteries and the so-called servomotors which control the robots’ speed and other functions.

via Robot marathon kicks off in Japan (Update).

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