Swedish artist pays tribute to Magritte with 7m “stone” wall

We love this 3D version of Magritte’s original. Magritte played a game with us as three possible words can be seen REVE(dream), TREVE(peace) and CREVE(death) – Deskarati

A painting by surrealist René Magritte appears to have been turned into a reality. Swedish artist Christian Andersson has built a three-dimensional, 7m-high “stone” wall depicting Magritte’s work The Art of Conversation, 1950. On view as part of Andersson’s solo show at Moderna Museet Malmö (until 24 April), R.M. For EVER, 2011, is made from polystyrene foam painted grey to give the illusion of stone. In tribute to Magritte, Andersson includes the word “reve” (dream) in the title of the work. “What for a moment looks like something solid is a coulisse made to look like eternal,” said Andersson. The Swedish exhibition, “From Lucy With Love”, is Andersson’s largest solo show to date. C.B.

via International news in brief

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