Vatican’s space mission

Here at Deskarati we do not take a view on any differences suggested between science and religion. We are here only to enlighten and hopefully improve your day. But this latest story from the Vatican seems to us to be a good step in the right direction – Deskarati

“If the Big Bang was the start of everything, what came before it?”

That is one of the questions being posed by a new website being set up by the Vatican and Italy’s scientific community. After centuries of mistrust between religion and science, the intention is to give the public a greater understanding of both sides. The website, which will be available in Italian and English, has information on everything from astronomy to theology, from space missions to philosophy and art. It will have three portals – one for a general audience, one for students and their professors, and one for scholars.

Within each portal, there will be a variety of multimedia platforms, including a cosmology section, and one that will have the latest data collected by satellites and unmanned probes.

The venture is being run jointly by the Vatican and the Italian Space Agency, ASI.

via BBC News – Vatican’s space mission.

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