Hot springs to power Newcastle as drilling begins on Britain’s deepest borehole

We could never understand why geothermal heat isn’t more widely used. This new project in Newcastle could start the trend, lets hope – Deskarati

Engineers are hoping to find themselves in hot water by drilling a mile below Newcastle city centre. Water pulled out of the ground at 80C could be used to heat an industrial park, nearby homes and a shopping centre.  At 2,000 metres, the borehole will be the deepest drilled in a British city.

If successful, more boreholes could be made beneath other cities to tap into the Earth’s natural underground heat. Scientists say the North East is a geothermal hotspot with warm water relatively near the surface. And it will reinforce Newcastle as Britain’s most sustainable city, according to Prof Paul Younger, director of the city’s Institute for Research and Sustainability.

Last year his team pumped out water at 40C from a 1,000 metre borehole at Weardale, Co Durham, and pioneered a system which re-injects the water back down into the rocks.

via Hot springs to power Newcastle as drilling begins on Britain’s deepest borehole

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3 Responses to Hot springs to power Newcastle as drilling begins on Britain’s deepest borehole

  1. alfy says:

    Well, Jim, I find myself in total and utter agreement with you. When I used to teach students about alternative energy sources, years ago, long before it was a fashionable cause, I explained an important principle. Almost every energy source has advantages AND DRAWBACKS, and decision-making has to encompass both sides of the question.

    I had come to the conclusion that tidal and wave power were probably the most practical, but that geothermal power was the one with absolutely no drawbacks, with the exception of expense. At that time, deep drilling was much less advanced. Now that they can deep-drill in deep waters from marine platforms, the idea of deep drilling from some cosy piece of moorland, with a good pub only three miles away makes perfect sense.
    The biggest advantages of geothermal power is that you can have it where the power is needed, and the enormous cost of power lines is avoided. It is available 24/365 and is non-polluting and does not spoil the view. I think in 40 year’s time the ridiculous wind farm movement will be seen as a major blind alley.

    More power to Newcastle’s elbow. They could create a home-grown source of power, unlike the various wind structures that are mostly foreign-made and cost us a fortune in terms of the balance of trade.

  2. Colin Springthorpe says:

    Dear Sir or Madam, just watched BBC New. What a great Idea, I have been working on a Pie in the Sky Idea myself, I have placed drawings on Face book walls (Act on co2 and all so Get it Green) a Chinese green site. I have also sent emails to any one that I thought may be interested in my Idea, I have had a few replys. I have now enter a local, type of Dragons Den. No one that as said that I am Mad. Ideas like these can only be look at, as the big Picture. Just like when the Telephone was first invented, who would have thought that every one in the World, as a Mobile in there pocket. Best of luck with your prodject.
    Regards Colin UK

  3. Deskarati says:

    Sounds interesting Colin, good luck. Keep us informed how you get on.

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