A new dimension for mathematics – the Periodic Table of shapes

This could get confusing, as scientist put this table of shapes together they will be using a dimension that most of us are unfamiliar with. Einstein told us of the four dimensions of space-time which we all understand and love but these guys will also be using the 5th dimension! Still we very much look forward to seeing it, once complete – Deskarati

Mathematicians are creating their own version of the periodic table that will provide a vast directory of all the possible shapes in the universe across three, four and five dimensions, linking shapes together in the same way as the periodic table links groups of chemical elements. The three-year project, announced today, should provide a resource that mathematicians, physicists and other scientists can use for calculations and research in a range of areas, including computer vision, number theory, and theoretical physics. For some mental exercise, check out these animations that have already been analyzed in the project.

The researchers, from Imperial College London and institutions in Australia, Japan and Russia, are aiming to identify all the shapes across three, four and five dimensions that cannot be divided into other shapes.

As these building block shapes are revealed, the mathematicians will work out the equations that describe each shape and through this, they expect to develop a better understanding of the shapes’ geometric properties and how different shapes are related to one another.

via A new dimension for mathematics – the Periodic Table of shapes.

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