Kenya sees rise in elephant population

It’s great to hear some good news about animal conservation. These large mammals are so beautiful we must continue the fight to keep them safe – Deskarati

Despite increased poaching and a recent severe drought, Kenya has recorded a rise in elephant population in its flagship park, wildlife authorities announced Saturday. Elephant population in the expansive Tsavo ecosystem in the south of the country rose to 12,572 from 11,696 three years ago according to the preliminary results of a census released Saturday.

The Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s premier elephant sanctuary, hosting one third of its entire elephant population and covers 46,437 square kilometres of territory, an area bigger than Denmark and more than twice the size of Israel. The expansive Tsavo is also the pulse on the status of Kenya’s endangered elephants.

In 1976, Tsavo was home to some 35,000 elephants. In early 1970s, around 6,000 animals died during a harsh drought, and by 1988 only 5,400 remained in the park in the wake of a serious poaching onslaught. However, the numbers have gradually grown since the early 1990s owing to tighter conservation and protection.

via Kenya sees rise in elephant population despite poaching.

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