Gene Test Could Solve Prostate Cancer Riddle And Spare Thousands From Surgery

Anything that helps prostate cancer sufferers make better decisions on whether to have early treatment or not is a very welcome development. This new CCP test, if proved reliable, could really help in this regard – Deskarati

A genetic pattern could predict how aggressive prostate cancer is before treatment, and whether the disease will come back in men who have already been treated, according to research published in the Lancet Oncology.

Researchers funded by Cancer Research UK2 and based at Queen Mary, University of London, found that men with the highest levels of ‘cell cycle progression’ (CCP) genes – ones that encourage cells to grow – were three times more likely than those with the lowest levels to have a fatal form of prostate cancer.

And for patients who have had surgery to remove their prostate, those with the highest CCP levels were 70 per cent more likely to have a recurrence of the disease3.

Knowing how to distinguish the aggressive tumours that need treatment from the slow-growing ones that could be monitored, sparing men from unnecessary treatment and side effects like impotence and incontinence, is the most important riddle prostate cancer scientists have to solve.

The researchers believe that if these results are confirmed in large clinical trials, a test for CCP gene expression – alongside existing tests like PSA – could be used routinely in the clinic to overcome this problem.

Read the whole article here Gene Test Could Solve Prostate Cancer Riddle And Spare Thousands From Surgery.

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