The Evolution of the Eye

This excerpt from the recent Darwin season on the BBC narrated by David Attenborough, shows Darwin’s explanation of how the eye evolved – Deskarati

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  1. alfy says:

    This issue was a hot topic in Darwin’s time and remains so to the present day. Those who dispute the fact of evolution will always assert that they cannot see how natural selection could have produced such a complex structure as the human eye. Most professional biologists can’t be bothered to take on this argument, because they have more useful things to do with their time.
    David Attenborough has saved them the trouble with this small clip, setting out the general argument with a few examples.
    In the past, I have sometimes countered the anti-evolutionary view by inviting them to join me in condemning the present design of nuclear power stations. “They should all be radically redesigned as a matter of urgency.” Usually, my respondents will demur by saying, “I don’t really know anything about the design of nuclear power stations.”

    Exactly. “Neither do you know anything about the subject of comparative anatomy, but here you feel free to make uninformed comments.” Anyone who has studied zoology as far as A Level is well aware of the variety of light-sensitive organs and simple types of eye found in nature. They readily grasp Attenborough’s point that the mammalian eye lies at the end of a long process of gradual change and refinement.

    Unfortunately, the anti-evolutionary views from American fundamentalists are rarely open to rational evidence-based debates.

  2. Deskarati says:

    What a very well put comment Alfy. Here at Deskarati we see no reason for the theory of evolution to effect anybody’s religious views, but we do have an open mind. We are more than happy to research any theory that is made with intelligence, understanding, but above all without rancour.

  3. Steve B says:

    I was once door-stepped by a couple of Jehova’s Witnesses. They asserted that evolution was bunk and that everything was part of God’ s design. “look at the eye – that could not have evolved” was their first stab at discussion. Easily batted away. Their second was “look how men and women fit together” started their second. I pounced on them with “fish don’t fit together”. “mammals have evolved to “fit” to avoid us being up to our necks in a sea of sperm”. They bid me farewell at this point!

  4. Deskarati says:

    Brilliant comment Steve, I’ve been chuckling all morning.

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