The world’s smallest Christmas card

What is it with nano-scientists and Christmas? Last year they created the world’s smallest snowman – this time it’s Christmas cards.

Engineers have produced the world’s smallest Christmas card which measures just 200 micro-metres wide by 290 micro-metres tall.

In case you don’t know exactly how small that is (a micro-metre is a millionth of a metre) the card is invisible to the naked eye and you could fit 8,276 of them on an area the size of a stamp.

Which means if you forgot to send anyone a card this year, you can always tell them you sent them one of these and they must have lost it.

The team from the University of Glasgow say they etched the Christmas tree image and the message ‘Season’s Greetings’ onto a tiny piece of glass.

The colours were then produced by plasmon resonance in a patterned aluminium film made in the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre.

Professor David Cumming of said: “We decided that producing this Christmas card was a simple way to show just how accurate our technology is.

“You could fit over half a million of them onto a standard A5 Christmas card – but signing them would prove to be a bit of a challenge.


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