The most spectacular chess event in history

After a fascinating win over Deep Blue in 1996 4 games to 2, Gary Kasparov the chess world champion agreed to a rematch. This would come to be known as “the most spectacular chess event in history”

The Rematch between Gary Kasparov and IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue was played out in New York television studio, located at the 39th storey of the Equitable Center at the beginning of May 1997.

The champion began with great enthusiasm and optimism. He won the first game in 45 moves.

The second game was full of controversy as Kasparov accused IBM of cheating and he eventually lost. Many believed Kasparov resigned a drawn position, since he missed a deep tricky perpetual check and observers suspected that he was spooked by the strength of his electronic opponent. Kasparov began the third game by playing the irregular Mieses Opening, hoping to lead the computer out of its opening book strategy. However both ended up drawing the game.

In the fourth game Kasparov neared his time limit which prompted him to hurry into his moves and eventually the game ended in a draw.
Deep Blue in the fifth game played an excellent endgame to Kasparov’s King’s Indian Attack opening and forced the champion to draw from a very winnable position. With both tied with a score of 2.5 and one more game to go, the entire chess world was glued to this match.

Gary was too nervous and tense to speak. He began the game with Caro-Kann Defence and allowed Deep Blue to a knight sacrifice in the eighth move which left him struggling and he finally resigned on his 19th move. For the first time a “Machine” had accomplished something which no man had ever done before, defeat Kasparov.

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