Deskarati says

Hello again. Well Deskarati has had a great week with some of our best posts, from a re-visit of the DNA story of Rosalind Franklin’s photo 51, the news of the confinement of antihydrogen atoms and a great explanation of Reverse Perspective art of Patrick Hughes.

We have just added a new addition to our side panel ‘Deskarati Sections’ giving you an easier access to our archives. Why not have a click through and maybe find something you might have missed.

A new section will be added next week called ‘Biography’ as we start to include mini bio’s of some of our favourite people. We start tomorrow with Jacob Bronowski the Polish-Jewish British mathematician,biologist, historian of science, theatre author, poet and inventor, but probably known best by most of us for his excellent TV series and book the ‘Ascent of Man’.

We hope you’re all enjoying the site and would be pleased to hear your comments or suggestions.



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