A stylish storage solution for your Porsche

Now, I am sure that most of you out there know that there are 1001 ways to store your Porsche, but few are as stylish as this storage solution brought to the world by Cardok.  The Porsche Garden was part of the Royal Horticultural Society Show at Hampton Court back in July of 2008.  This stylish automobile storage system (or off-street parking solution) was part of Flemond Warland’s garden design installation which won Gold.  As architect’s we can’t help but think how great this solution is for off-street parking, especially when you have limited space (like in London, UK) and can enhance your curb-side appeal.  You may want to consider tucking away your daily driver and floating your Porsche garden-side since few things could be more picturesque.

via PORSCHE GARDEN | A stylish storage solution for your Porsche | 911 NATION.

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