Oldest wind turbine in Europe

The Rębielice Królewskie wind turbine, the oldest in Europe, was built in 1932.

Designed by Józefa Antosa, the turbine has a rotor that is 18 meters in diameter situated on a steel tower that is 32 meters tall. It delivers 35 kilowatts of power with a wind speed of 2 meters/second and up to 2000 kilowatts of power when the wind speed increases to 14 meters/second.

The village of Rębielice Królewskie is in the administrative district of Gmina Popów in southern Poland. The regional capital of Katowice, the village has a population of less than 1,000.

via Rębielice Królewskie Wind Turbine located in Rebielice Krolewskie, Poland | Atlas Obscura | Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations.

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  1. wind turbine

    Wind turbines are used to generate electricity from the kinetic power of the wind. Historical they were more frequently

    used as a mechanical device to turn machinery.

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