Quantum Atom Theory

Thanks to Phil Krause

Modern physics is divided into two parts the quantum physics of probability and the classical physics of Newton with his laws of motion. Only a hidden variable could explain the probability of quantum mechanics uniting physics. The problem is such a variable would have to affect all the matter of the Universe from its creation to the present day. In Quantum Atom Theory that variable is Time itself. We know that time is a variable because we have time dilation when an object accelerates towards the speed of light and also around objects of great mass.

Time moves at the speed of light and energy and mass slow it down to form their own spacetime geometry. The greater the mass or energy of an object the slower time will run for that object therefore the greater the energy the shorter the time period.

Quantum entanglement can be explained if light has spherical symmetry and the polarization of a photon remains the same for the whole surface of the sphere. When the spherical waves come in contact with electrons on the surface of an atom it will form photons. Each photon will have a unique position in space and time that will be part of the time continuum.

Time is continuously formed by the emission and absorption of light (EMR) from one atom to another forming the broken symmetry and geometry of spacetime.

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