The Real Nature Of The Universe

What is matter? How does it interact with energy? What is the nature of the universe?

These are some of the fundamental questions which have puzzled science for centuries. Although modern physics has been making astounding strides towards discovering the true nature of matter / energy, it seems that it has run head-first into the field of metaphysics. Many physicists will admit that the only way to truly interpret their findings is through not a physical, but a metaphysical, explanation.

Most of the greatest physicists of our time have been compelled to revert to metaphysics in order to explain what they were observing. Nils Bohr, the founder of the Bohr Institute, even incorporated the Tao symbol into his logo and family crest. Landmark works such as Fritjof Capra’s “Tao Of Physics” undeniably connect the leading edge of nuclear physics to the conceptual works of theologies thousands of years old. Could it be that the ancient Hindus and Babylonians understood the nature of the universe better than we do? Not only is it possible, but highly likely.

Albert Einstein, who may have been the greatest thinker of our times, stated that “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Yet even he was unable to solve his greatest challenge: The formulation of a Grand Unified Field Theory which would explain all the various interactions of matter / energy as the manifestations of a single, supreme force. Since his death, many fanciful theories have been proposed and quickly discredited.

However, consider that there may be a completely different and astounding theory: That of the vibrational essence of all existence. Unlike the myriad other proposals, this vibrational Grand Unified Field theory originates not just from multi-billion dollar particle smashers, but from the basic and pure comprehension of the universe shown in the most ancient writings of our ancestors. And incredibly enough, this theory not only elegantly explains the nature of matter / energy, but also correctly forecasts the discoveries at the cutting edge of physics… and beyond.

This theory is also extremely controversial and its promotion is likely to spark fistfights at any scientific gathering. I expect a few conceptual fistfights in the Comments sections of these Hubs too, especially with the more classically trained and rigorous Hub readers dedicated to the meticulous interpretation of the sacred entrails on the Altar of the Pontiff of Science as currently practiced, so it should definitely be interesting to say the least……..

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