Plugging In The Electric Car

A big car company would probably never hire a software guy like Jason Wolf to head up its North American division. But at a time when President Obama is pushing to have more electric cars on the road, Wolf is doing just that. He runs the North America division of a company called Better Place.

Better Place wants to change the way people drive, and it wants to take on the big boys like GM and Nissan. But it’s probably better to call it a tech company than a car company.

Obama says he wants a million electric cars on American roads within five years.

“I’m committed to a strategy that ensures America leads in the design and the deployment of the next generation of clean-energy vehicles,” he says.

All this is great news for companies like Better Place. It means government-backed loans are being made available to develop the technology.

The big companies are starting to jump on the electric bandwagon: Nissan’s all-electric Leaf and GM’s dual gas-electric Volt both debut later this year. But the biggest innovations aren’t only happening in Detroit and Yokohama.

They’re also happening in the place that brought you the iPod and the microchip: Silicon Valley.

The Payment Model

And Wolf is betting that consumers will be willing to buy his car at a lower price than the competition but also pay a monthly subscription — a deal that would cover all maintenance, battery changes and electricity………………………..

via Plugging In The Electric Car : NPR.

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